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5 Accessories Your Bathroom Decor Needs To Improvise Upon!

5 Accessories Your Bathroom decor needs to improvise upon!

Improvise on your bathroom by these simple additions of bathroom accessories.

Your Bathroom shouldn’t just be Functional, it should be Fantastic.

Usually when we plan a house remodeling, more often than not we tend to overlook one of the most important rooms in the house; The Bathroom and the bathroom accessories it needs. You should not become one of those people who leave their bathrooms plain when you should really think more about adding some personal touches to make it stand out and a pleasant place to be . The nice thing about decorating a bathroom is that decor items not only add beauty and style, but also add functionality to the space.
A nice bathroom not only makes you feel pampered but also shows your guests your choice of tastes and class.
Nobody remembers how tidy your living room was if your bathroom was sub par or unhygienic.

Here is a list of a few must have accessories your bathroom needs :-

Fancy Soap Dispensers
Soap Dispensers

1.Soap Dispensers

You can’t imagine a bathroom without a good hand soap, if hygiene is one of your top priorities;using anti germs liquid soap is the best option . There is a wide range of Soap dispensers out there which come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles and can be purchased online or offline. But there’s a whole lot of variety out there when you scrounge online stores. In the end,no matter what your choice of soap is go for a dispenser that not only works well for you but also looks good. Little details like that go a long way.

Beautiful Bathroom Mirrors
Mirror Ideas for Bathroom


You can’t imagine a nice and functional bathroom without one or two decorative mirrors. Whether you want a Victorian vibe or a modern look, all you need is a mirror with the kind of frame your vibe needs.People need mirrors in bathroom to do hair and makeup so it makes sense to fix lights accordingly.Here are a few ideas you could go for:

Towel Rings
Towel Bars

3.Towel Rings or bars

Again like mirrors there is a large variety of towel holders available, you should have a towel ring or rack for your hand towels that match your decor. Clean, sparkling chrome towel rings will match almost any bathroom, or you can select one that’s more unique to your taste. Whether your bathroom is of a rustic, shabby chic space or mid-century modern, there’s a towel holder for every style.

Beautiful Bathroom Mat
Bathroom Mats

4.Bath Mats

Remember how picky you’re about your welcome door mat, be that kind of picky about your bath mat as well. Don’t go for cotton ones as they lack durability. You can buy one made from wood, bamboo, polyester, or nylon. Each material has it’s own characteristics and design, ranging from absorbency, color, slip resistance, and durability.Pick one that suits your needs and looks good with your decor.


5.Shower Curtain

You can go for bathroom sets that include a bath mat, toilet seat cover, and shower curtain, which is okay but doesn’t gives a personal touch to your decor.It’s better to piece together your own bathroom set to match your style and taste. When selecting a shower curtain, you might want to choose a color that blends in with the walls, or you can choose a more decorative shower curtain that stands out on it’s own.

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