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How To Choose The Right Bathroom Tiles?

How to choose the right bathroom tiles?

Read up to know more on how to choose the perfect bathroom tiles..

There’s always a perfect image of Home Sweet Home that you can’t seem to shake..and you never should.

But there are so many things to consider when building your first home and choosing bathroom tiles is usually one of the last things on your mind!

At Bathroom Warehouse,there are hundreds of different wall, floor and feature tiles to consider, as well as a variety of color schemes, so many choices to choose from and so many varied tastes make it harder to settle on one thing without doubting your choices.

Bathroom tiles may not be your priority now but it’ll be when it’s one of the main part of your daily morning routine.

Your bathroom can become your safe haven and relaxing spa but it needs a little attention on your part.

Here’s a few tips you should follow when shopping for bathroom tiles:-

Take out an hour for your shopping

Plan your shopping schedule beforehand and look for the most appealing options.

It may not seem like a big tip but giving yourself enough time to make the right decision can make an immediate difference.

Don’t feel pressured and forced into a particular set just because the salesman is telling you to. Choose something that complements your bathroom and taste.

Use examples

Select a color scheme that looks most appealing to your eyes.

You can also Google search the kind of look you’re going for your bathroom..take those images and use them for cutting down the selection process.

Grey and brown are popular choices for bathroom tiles as they both show less efflorescence as compared to black and less likely to stain than white.

Play illusion on your guest’s minds

To make your bathroom look bigger place larger bathroom tiles on the wall.

Choosing 200mm by 400mm rectangle wall tiles are a good choice and bigger tiles means less grout to clean!

Grey suits best because it stands out less.

Color contrast looks wonderful

Contrasting colors between bathroom tiles and main floor tiling will look more than beautiful.

It’ll look strange if you decide to use the same tiles throughout the house – even if they’re all the same colour, tiles come in batches and they’re always different.

Darker themed bathroom tiles and lighter in the hallways gives a sense of purpose to the room giving it a more edgy look.

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