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Choosing the right above ground pool stairs

Stability and strength are needed in getting in and out of your Brisbane fibreglass swimming pool. Safety is a primary concern when you are in and around water. If you want a reliable above the ground pool stairs or ladder, you need to understand your family’s needs. Here are some points to consider:

  • Take note of the weight capacity. If you have big members of the family, it is best that you get a pool ladder or pool stairs that can take their weight. It is always better to get pool stairs with a higher weight capacity. This is also great for physically-challenged or elderly swimmers.
  • Learn about your area’s local codes that mandate you to have a pool ladder enclosure. A ladder enclosure is ideal for children. This is to make sure that they do not get into the pool by themselves. It also ensures that the children do not get trapped underneath the standard steps.
  • Also take note of entrapment codes. Does your area have local entrapment codes as well? Almost all the pool steps and ladders today meet these entrapment codes. Getting a pool ladder that meets entrapment codes is important if you have kids.

Here are some of the types of steps or ladders out in the market today:

  1. The A-Frame. This is the most common type of above the ground ladder. It has rungs placed outside your pool and another one with rungs inside the pool itself. This can take up to 300 pounds.
  2. In-Pool. This is similar to the A-Frame. But it does not have rungs on the outer part of the pool. In-pool ladders are made for pools with decks.
  3. Steps Inside and Ladder Outside. This is made for a pool without a deck. This is better because it is wider steps and better landings. It also has rails for assisting bigger and older swimmers.

In choosing the right pool steps or ladder, your main goal is to make sure that it is safe for every user in your family. Stepping in and out of the pool can be slippery and unstable especially for very young, very old, or physically challenged swimmers. Invest in an ideal pool ladder. You may end up with a costlier one, but it will definitely assure you of optimal pool safety and enjoyment.

See the QLD (Australia) Pool Safety Laws for more details on keeping your pool safe so your friends and family can enjoy your pool to its full potential.

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