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Great Advice for bathroom remodeling

A bathroom vanity Perth bathroom owners want has both functional and aesthetic features. The stone basins Perth homeowners like are durable and pleasing to the eye. These can be achieved by any household through a good bathroom remodelling.

A bathroom remodelling project requires a lot from anyone who does not do it professionally. It involves many questions, preparations, and estimations. You probably think that it is a very difficult endeavour with your lifestyle and job schedule. Well, you are not alone in worrying about the same thing. Here are some useful pieces of advice for that most awaited bathroom remodelling project:

  • Make sure that the toilet is not what you see first when you enter. The toilet is not the most pleasing thing to look at when you open the bathroom door. During your bathroom remodelling project, make sure that you conceal the toilet. That way, the house guests who pass by your bathroom do not see the toilet immediately.
  • Know how much a bathroom remodelling project costs. It is vital to know the cost of your remodelling project. Just how much are you willing to shell out for your bathroom? Talk to a contractor about the cost of a basic, mid-range, upper range, and the deluxe type of remodelling.
  • Think of good lighting. Be sure to light up your bathroom well. Layers of decorative, task, ambient, and accent lighting are recommended.
  • Leave the vintage elements. Remodelling might aim for a new look, but you can always leave the vintage elements such as tiles, so that you can just concentrate on other parts of the project. The old tiles can become cool bathroom features alongside the modern ones.
  • Calculate the appropriate height for your bathroom sink. Take note that the basic countertops are about 32 – 34 inches above the floor. Also think about how much you would want to remove from this height. Your counter height should be lower if you want above-counter sink or vessel. This is so you can brush your teeth or wash your face with ease. Consider stone basins Perth residents want in their bathroom for a more luxurious look.

If you want to know more, check out bathroom vanities Perth. The right information can help you get the bathroom elements that you want, including the bathroom vanity Perth homeowners wish was theirs.

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