Water Slide

How a slide can help to keep your pool cleaner

As a pool owner of growing kids, you finally think it’s time to upgrade your inground swimming pool. While you can do anything like add waterfalls, spas or new lights, its better installing something everyone in the family will enjoy using, which is a pool slide.

These water slides are also called as flumes, hydroslides or water chutes which can be easily installed if there’s sufficient patio space around the pool. They come in various shapes and sizes and generally use a pump system to pump water to the top. This water is then allowed to freely flow down its surface.

Water pump keeps the water free of algae and germs

This flowing water not only reduces friction so that sliders can quickly slide down it, it also circulates the pool water. The circulation of water ensures that water does not remain stagnant long enough to lead to the growth of algae and germs. This way the water is kept clean, and prevents the possible and unnecessary spread of waterborne diseases.

You of course need to choose your slide wisely as it should fit the people who will be using it. So first determine the age group of people who will be using it. If it’s more of young children, it’s better to have a lower, straight pool slide and not something with high twists and turns.

Calculate the required amount of space

Then calculate how much space you need to dedicate to the slide on the deck. Most slides have their installation guide listed online for you to go through before buying it. So make sure you have the necessary space. It’s also better to place the slide somewhere near to a ladder or exit so that swimmers can easily use the slide.

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