Swimming Pool Planning

How to choose a swimming pool

With a swimming pool at home you no longer have to tolerate the hot summers or compete for swimming space in public pools. Instead, you, your family members and friends can enjoy the luxury of swimming in the comfort of your home.

The only problem you may have is finding the right DIY fibreglass swimming pool for yourself! So here are some factors to help you choose the right swimming pool:


Make sure there’s sufficient space for your swimming pool and deck. In addition to this, there should be sufficient space around it for manoeuvring installation equipment.

Any restrictions

Its better, and safer, to check if there are any sizing restrictions in your neighbourhood. Also find out if your city or country has any rules about pools at home.


Your budget is a huge factor as some pools are more expensive than others. Choose a DIY fibreglass swimming pool which you can afford, and maintain as a swimming pool needs regular and proper maintenance.


Durability should also be a priority while choosing pools. If you plan on moving or changing homes in the near future, you won’t need a very durable pool. If you want a pool that lasts a lifetime, buy a fibreglass pool. Not only can it resist lots of pressure without any cracking. It can be easily repaired using the same material if it gets damaged.


Pools have to be maintained well and periodically as algae tend to build up on its surface and its pool with time. However maintenance is not that much of an issue with fibreglass pools as it has a smooth surface. This helps prevent, and slow-down the build-up and accumulation of algae on the pool and its surface.

Now you know how to choose a swimming pool, it’s time you got yourself a DIY fibreglass swimming pool!

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