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Indoor Gardening :Tips To Follow!

Indoor Gardening :Tips to Follow!

Indoor Gardening is a great hobby and a intuitive way to enjoy greenery whilst sitting in your living room. Indoor plants need special care when facing dry winters and deprived of the much needed warmth of the sun.

1. Less is more when it comes to Indoor Gardening.

Indoor gardening involves being very observant with your plants.They need air to breathe as much as they need water and nutrients to grow. The major cause of dying indoor plants is overwatering.

The soil in the pot should be dry enough, not just on the surface but a little deeper too; before you grab your watering can.

2. Fertilizer NOT needed.

Indoor Plants don’t need external help for growing in winters and this is when your Indoor Gardening skills actually lack thereof does helps.

3.Let there be LIGHT.

Help your plants out by accommodating them in soaking as much sunlight as they can and keeping their leaves clean.

  • Wipe your plants clean with an old wet rag or just out them under the shower, this will not only rid your precious plants of dust but also remove pests such as aphids, mealy bugs, scale, and spider mites.
  • Allow as much light as you can by keeping your windows clean.

4. Provide Humidity.

Put rocks or pebbles in the saucer but make sure that pot is not constantly in contact with water to battle against dry winter air.

5. It’s Springtime!

As days get warmer and longer, it’s time to gradually increase the amount of water and fertilizer.

6. Get Rid of old growth.

Late winter is also a perfect time to cut off old growth to promote new growth in your plant’s life.


Refreshing your plant’s soil is important, remove your plant from the pot and trim the roots a little.Put the plant in a clean pot with fresh soil and fertilizer.

Take proper care of your indoor plants, give the shade when they need it and sun when they need it, be a little alert about their health and you’ll be enjoying a lush garden even in most barren of climates.

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