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Items Your Living Room Decor Needs!

Items your living room decor needs!

Your living room needs a lot of items to look cozy yet elegant but all of those things cannot be crammed into our tiny living rooms and if you are lucky enough to have a giant posh living room,Kudos to you. But for those of us who aren’t endowed with such a large space, these are the 10 items definitely needed for making a living room worth loving.

1. A little bit of nature i.e. Plants.

A Beautiful lush indoor plant or if you’re a nature lover, a lot of them will definitely add to your living room’s aesthetics and appeal. Indoor plants add elegance and comfort to your home in a way nothing else can

2.Aladdin’s rug or a simple one will do too’

Soft cozy rugs which feel heavenly under your bare feet are a homely addition to your decor, not only will your guests be happy but your kids can play sitting on the rug while their toys lay all scattered around them.

3.Add personal touches.

Want your living room to feel more homely and interesting,add some personal touches. Your living room should reflect your tastes and preferences. It could also show your life journey, from beautiful pictures to quotes in calligraphy; you can be creative with it.

4. A coffee table

A coffee table works multi purposely while bringing together all the elements of the room, it also comes handy when there are guest, looking good as well.

5. Drapes that catch your eye!

Your drapes should have a personality, something bold but sophisticated. They shouldn’t just blend into the background of your living room walls.

6. A tray.

It may be a small addition but it will surely be useful when your things don’t lay scattered around the table. Items like pen holders, decorative crafts etc.

7. A TV.

You may not be a TV viewer but your guests would definitely appreciate a TV.

8. Fluffy pillows.

For back support, or for making your sofa look more plush or for your own comfort, you need fluffy pillows in your living room decor.

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