Bathroom Vanity

Quick and Easy Dresser To Vanity Idea

If you have the perfect low dresser or chest of drawers, you will be amazed at how simple it is to convert that piece into a vanity sink. You’ll want to add finish or paint the dresser however you want it to look. If you want that old worn look then all the better! When you begin, the first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your vanity piece fits snuggly against your bathroom wall space. If it does, simply trim the overhanging wood from the back of the vanity.

Once this is finished, you have to make the hole in the top of the vanity for your sink. Depending on the style of sink that you have decided to use, you can cut the hole to fit a drop in sink or cut a smaller hole for the drain of your vessel that will be sitting on top of the vanity. For this type of project, you will usually be using wall mounted spigots. If you are using spigots that come through the vanity, measure and cut holes for them as well. The trick to making this work for your pipes is to take out the top drawer, cut the face of the drawer off, and pin the front of the drawer back in place once you have installed the vanity. This leaves you with the other drawers to use as storage while giving you room for the pipes and the drop in sink at the same time!

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