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Rustic Garden Look For This Summer!

Rustic garden look for this summer!

Our modern world is massively intrigued by everything old and historical, but rustic isn’t always something ancient. Any natural, sturdy and roughly hewn element will do. Your modern garden can definitely look like a page torn out of a fairy-tale, a rustic garden is definitely easy to create; you just have to focus on how.

Vintage Bicycle Plant Stander

Rustic garden appeal is all about breaking rules so an easy way to do so is just buy an old bicycle from the thrift store and use it as a plant stander for your ordinary Yellow Petunias or any annuals. Paint your bicycle with interesting shades of your choice and it’ll definitely be a charmer.

Chicken Coop

Agreed it’s a bit too country to have a chicken coop but imagine a little wooden white one with windows and door like a miniature dollhouse, not only do you get fresh eggs but chicken easily rid your garden of caterpillars and insects that’ll otherwise damage your precious flowers. City ordinances are not a pain unless you plan on keeping a rooster!!

Beautiful Garden Path

It’s very easy and quite DIY to have your own natural looking garden path made. Use log slices or stones to carve a path in between your garden, fill the gaps with small pebbles and sand. Voila! Your storybook looking rustic garden path is already.

Creativity is the key!

Old chandeliers, broken lamps and other objects too shabby for your home can still serve a purpose while looking great in your rustic garden. Birds don’t judge you like your friends do. Even though a broken chandelier may not light up your house in the similar way but will definitely shine through in your garden with chirpy birds.

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