Stone Baths

Stone Bathtub Perfect in Grecian Décor Bathroom

You have always wanted a Grecian motif for your bathroom. Now it will be easier to accomplish with the graceful lines of your new stone bathtub. How extravagant or how simple you go is up to you. It also depends on how big your bathroom is. Greek columns won’t work well in a small bathroom. Keeping everything in proportion will carry the style better in the space you have to work with.

If your bathroom is large, especially if the ceiling is higher than normal, Greek columns will look wonderful when used on either side of the bathtub to frame it. If you don’t want to use columns, fabric can be draped to frame the tub area and the vanity quite nicely. Use bathroom accessories with a Greek motif to add to the Greek theme.

When choosing accessories, think not only of style but of practicality. Items can be both useful and decorative so look for anything you need to also have the Greek style you want. Grecian urns might not be one of the first things you think of for a bathroom unless they are small and used to hold small items. Larger urns can hold extra toilet rolls, hand towels or bath towels.

Color offers a wide choice. Greek styles aren’t limited to one or two colors. If you like burgundy, you can find accessories in that color with the Greek style you want. Colors often used include white with deep colored accessories to add interest, rich browns with cream and gold, blue or green with white trim and accents (shades of blue and green can range from deep to light). If your dream is a Grecian style bathroom with a stone bathtub, it can be yours.

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