Bathrooms Victorian Style

Decorating a Victorian Looking Bathroom

Decorating a Victorian looking bathroom is any Victorian Era fan’s dream. The romantic feel of the Victorian Era teleports anyone back to the period of opulence and elegance. Imagine that whenever you soak in your tub. If you want to have a Victorian looking bathroom, you need to be set on every fixture, color, and furniture. Below are important pointers in making your present bathroom, one worthy of Queen Victoria:

  1. Find the right pieces of furniture. Concentrate on the stone tubs and sinks. Choose a claw foot bathtub made of cast iron, lined with stone (marble). This already exudes that Victorian feel. The claw foot tub was the era’s signature. This tub is usually complemented by porcelain and marble pedestal sinks with polished bronze faucets.
  2. Take note of the details. Choose vintage accessories. Ornate mirrors, soap dishes, and pictures should finish your glamorous design. Select ones made of porcelain. Select antique cabinets with silver and gold ornaments. Hang rose patterned and lace curtains as well.
  3. Choose the right color palette. Soothing colors should be used on your Victorian bathroom. Pink and white reflect romance, luxury, and elegance. These colors best match the marble and white stone material in your tub and sink.
  4. Provide the right lighting. Lighting is the most important element in your bathroom. It highlights every element. For your Victorian bathroom, choose soft and soothing lights. Wall lights on both sides of the mirror covered with a frosted glass shade will do the job. If you have more than enough room in your bathroom, a chandelier will be better.
  5. Select the right fabrics. For a Victorian themed bathroom, you should choose linens and fabrics that are heavy. Fringe or tassels should be along the bottom of the shower and window curtains. The bath mats and towels should be made of soft and heavy fabric as well.


Brown Stone Bathroom Materials

Brown Stone Bathroom Materials


White Stone Bathroom Style

White Stone Bathroom Material

The Victorian theme is a very stylish and glamorous way of celebrating your bathroom. Recent online polls show that 53% of Australian residents choose Victorian bathrooms as their number 1 preference. The estates and palaces of that era will have a place in your home once you are done renovating. Decorating a Victorian looking bathroom is definitely a welcome challenge for every creative homeowner such as you.

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